Fastest Compound Bows

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Compound bows get rated with the IBO FPS (feet per second) standard. Bow manufacturers previously used the AMO scoring system, but over the last decade, all bows have come to be speed rated using the IBO system for consistency.

One of the significant differences between the systems is that an AMO bow may be rated with a lower FPS but be a faster bow, which confused the market. Conversely, as the newer IBO PFS was higher (due to the way it is calculated) consumers naturally believe wrongly that the bow was faster. To avoid such confusion, AMO FPS ratings have fallen away, and only IBO FPS ratings now exist.

Due to safety standards, individual specifications ensure bows cannot shoot arrows at a faster speed than 400 FPS. Arrows are made to a universally accepted level of 5 grains per pound aka 350 grain. Combined with other bow specifications like size, draw weight and draw length, a compound bow can produce a certain maximum speed. Most archers are interested in shooting their arrows faster. Therefore, fast compound bows rated on the higher end of the 0-400 IBO FPS spectrum are popular choices. 

Here are our Top 4 fastest compound bows (on Amazon)

Diamond By Bowtech Right Hand Package 

The Diamond by Bowtech Core is a right-hand only compound bow that looks like the full package. The central focus system has a 10X magnification 42mm lens that has multiple coatings to avoid it getting scratched or letting in dust.

The focus comes as close as 15-feet for proximity hunting. The weight of the bow is 42 oz, and maximum speed is 322 FPS.

The Octane quiver holds several arrows without needing to reach into a separate quiver slung over your shoulder. The Octane stabilizer also does its job to keep this Bowtech steady in hand.

The grip is dependable too. The bow has a draw length of 25 to 30 inches and a draw weight adjustable between 40 lbs and 70 lbs. The model arrives with a bow that’s set very tight.


  • Maximum speed bow over 320 FPS
  • 42mm coated lens with 10X magnification
  • Draw length 25 to 30 inches
  • Draw weight between 40 lbs and 70 lbs
  • Nylon case


  • Draw weight isn’t adjustable below 40 lbs
  • Right-hand only 

One of the standout features is how quiet this bow is to operate. When hunting for deer or elk, the whisper quietness when shooting an arrow is a real benefit to avoid spooking your prey. Read more...

Diamond Archery 2013 Diamond Infinite

The Diamond Archery 2013 Diamond Infinite Edge Bow is a gray and black-hued model that comes across as a bit foreboding.

It is rated at 310 FPS, so it’s no slouch when it comes to shooting arrows off at great speed. The 3-pin Tru Glo Apex sight also helps to ensure pinpoint accuracy too.

The Deadlock Lite Quiver carries the spare arrows ready for use. The arrow rest (Hostage XL) is a generous size. The draw is left-handed.

The minimum draw length of 16-inches is also easier for children with shorter arm length, which also extends to a maximum of 24-inches.


  • Fire arrows up to 310 FPS
  • Draw length adjustable from 13-inches to 30-inches
  • Draw weight adjustable from 5 lbs to 70 lbs
  • Three-pin Tru Glo Apex sight for improved accuracy
  • Octane Quiver


  • Possibly too heavy for some hunters to use

The draw length is adjustable from 13-inches to 30-inches, and the draw weight is adjustable from 5 lbs to 70 lbs to enable this compound bow to deliver maximum speed. Find out more here 

Diamond Archery 2016 Edge SB-1 Compound Bow Package

The Diamond Archery 2016 Edge SB-1 Compound Bow Package is available in either Black or Mossy Oak Country camo styling.

Both left and right-handed models are available too. The bow is only 3.6 pounds which are lighter than some fast compound bow models.

Speaking of speed, the Edge SB-1 is capable of firing arrows at a rate of 318 FPS.

It has an adjustable draw length between 15-inches and 30-inches.

The draw weight is also extremely flexible beginning at just 7 lbs and rising to 70 lbs to permit the fastest speeds possible. 

  • Achievable speeds of 318 FPS
  • Choice of Black or Mossy Oak Country Camo color
  • Left-handed and right-handed models
  • Draw weight highly adjustable from 7 lbs to 70 lbs
  • Draw length adjustable from 15-inches to 30-inches
  • Binary cams
  • Includes arrow res


  • none we heard about!

The flexibility with the lower draw weight and lighter body weight makes it possible for both sexes to use this compound bow successfully even if not wanting the fastest speed. Find out more...

Apollo Tactical USA, Tactical Compound Bow Package

The Apollo Tactical Compound Bow Package is a product made from aluminum that’s been CNC milled for precision and extra strength. Available only in Shadow Matte Black, other than the gold knobs and adjustable features, the body is sleek and unnoticeable. The 320 IBO FPS is also difficult to fault.

The Tactical Compound Bow Package includes the bow, arrow rests, risers, limbs, many arrows in two colors, arrowheads, quiver, and a hard carry case. It is the complete package.

The 5-pin fiber optic site uses UV illumination for improved night vision to hunt after dark. The carbon fiber used for the cable guide and cable stop are better quality that one might expect. The bow sling is hand-braided for that personal touch. The stabilizer has a dampening feature, but there are also five other dampeners scattered throughout the main body to reduce vibrations.



  • Aluminum that’s CNC milled for precision and strength
  • Fast 320 IBO FPS compound bow 
  • 5-pin fiber optic site with UV
  • Carbon fiber cable guide and cable stop
  • Six dampeners including one on the stabilizer
  • Draw length 19 to 30 inches
  • Draw weight 25 lbs to 70 lbs


  • Case isn’t fully waterproof

The bow is adjustable with a draw length between 19-inches and 30-inches. The draw weight is a flexible 25 lbs on the lower end and 70 lbs at the top end which allows people less interested in firing at fast speeds to still enjoy using this product. Read more...

PSE Prophecy 70-Pound Skullworks Bow

Currently Unavailable!

The PSE Prophecy 70-Pound Skullworks Bow is targeting speed with an IBO FPS of up to 340. The body is designed for a left-handed archer and made of aircraft-quality aluminum.

It uses a special limb design and a Planar Flex riser too. The model is covered in the Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity Camo pattern.

The draw length is 25-inches to 30-inches (29-inches is set in the factory). The draw weight is adjustable in 10 increments with the turn of the limb bolts to modify it.

The draw weight reaches a maximum of 70 lbs. With a 32-inch axle to axle measurement and a weight of 4.1 lbs, this Skullworks Bow is ready for action.



  • One of the fastest compound bows at 340 FPS
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Draw length 25-30-inches (29-inch is default)
  • Limb bolt turn adjusted draw weight up to 70 lbs
  • Strong single cam


  • Left-handed only
  • Lot of bows to handle (weighs 4.1 lbs) 

There is also a single cam design for faster speeds and a PSE sure grip that’s no-nonsense. Read more about it here

​When looking for a fast compound bow, there is a good selection offer 300+ FPS. In all cases, a draw weight of 70 lbs is required to achieve the top speed. Anyone who is unable to manage this draw weight will still find benefit in an efficient compound bow; they’ll just not enjoy the same speeds.