Best Youth Compound Bows and Junior Archery Sets

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You are looking for an adequate bow for your daughter/son?. There are several kinds of bows, especially for children. Small-frame compound bows for children are the ones to look for because they are light enough to carry, fit their smaller frames easier, and offer the opportunity to learn how to use a bow at a younger age. So what is the best youth bow for an 8-year-old?   

Most bows today are the compound bow type which is best for beginners because they generate a greater power without needing to stretch out the string too far. Due to the draw length being shallower, it is easier for younger children with naturally shorter arms to fire an arrow effectively. However, the draw weight is also a factor to consider as well.​

The 5 Best – Junior Archery Sets

Here are our recommended archery sets. Some are for right-handed archers only, whereas others allow either hand to be the bow hand.

Our No 1 Tip: Genesis Original Kit

Genesis Bows Kit, Left Handed, Black, Original Kit (GenK-12239)

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The Genesis Original Kit is a premium piece of archery equipment. So much so, it is the official bow used in the National Archery in the Schools program.

Given its popularity, it is available in numerous vibrant colors with almost the entire bow body and arrow holder adopting the chosen hue. This is in stark contrast to other bows that tend only to modify the grip color and occasionally the arrow coloring slightly with each color selection.

For parents, this bow is an interesting one because while it technically has a 20lbs draw weight, it is adjustable down to 10lbs. The draw length is also modifiable from 30-inches down to 15-inches.

Given the wide range of draw weights/lengths possible, the child won’t outgrow this bow until they become an adult.​


The quality of the materials is evident here, with aluminum used in the riser, idler wheel, and cam. The bowstrings are less likely to break, and the limbs use a robust composite material too. The use of a single cam reduces the adjustments needed, cuts down on recoil, and makes for a quieter, shooting in tighter groups.


  • Competition-level bow used nationally
  • Draw weight functional at just 10lbs, rising to 20lbs
  • Draw length from 15-inches to 30-inches 
  • Sturdy construction including several aluminum parts 
  • Five aluminum arrows included 
  • Colorful tube quiver to hold the arrows over the shoulder 


  • Arrow tips are pressed into the aluminum and are not removable

The package includes the bow, arm guard (adjustable), five aluminum arrows, a colorful tube quiver with a belt, a 3/16-inch hex wrench (to adjust draw weight), and an owner’s manual too.

Barnett Outdoors Lil Banshee Jr. Compound Youth Archery Set

BARNETT 1072 Lil Banshee Jr. Compound Archery Set

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The Lil’ Banshee is a compound youth set from an archery bow maker with over half a century of experience in crafting best-in-class products.

The package includes the compound bow, with finger rollers, a pin sight that adjusts up/down, two arrows, and versatile packaging that doubles as a lightweight case.

The primary product is available in black, pink and camo colors to suit little boys and little girls. There are also three additional sets for a higher cost that bundles in three other arrows to make five in total.

The construction of the bow is rugged. The colorful canary-yellow grip (pink or green with the pink/camo sets) stands out from the rest of the body.



  • Strong bow with reinforced handle
  • Available in three colors: Black, pink and camo green
  • Lower 18-pound draw with a narrow 18 to 22-inch draw length 
  • Usable for both left-handed and right-handed archers


  • Plastic arrows
  • Metal tips at the end of each arrow pop easily and can get lost

There is an arrow rest on either side of the belly making this set ideal for several young archers in the family who are either left-handed or right-handed.​

Bear Archery Scout Bow Set

Bear Archery Scout Youth Bow Set – Flo Green

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Bear Bows has a history with archery and bow manufacturers also going back fifty years. The Bear Archery Scout Bow set is a colorful one with a choice of flo-green, orange or green versions.

The difference is the limb which adopts the product color selected while several other parts of the bow, including the grip, remain jet black.

The limb uses composite materials to give it both strength and flexibility where it’s needed.

The draw weight is considerably lighter at 8lbs to 13lbs which means younger kids will find this bow easier to operate.


The minimum draw length of 16-inches is also easier for children with shorter arm length, which also extends to a maximum of 24-inches.


  • Minimum draw weight of 8lbs is easier for little kids to achieve
  • Shorter draw length of 16-inches requires less pull to get ready to launch an arrow
  • Fun colors including flow-green and orange
  • Composite materials 


  • Only two arrows in the pack make it likely that ordering replacements will be necessary

The arm guard and finger tab help avoid common injuries with young first-time archers. Two 29-inch arrows with orange feathers are included in the pack.

Barnett Outdoors Team Realtree Banshee Quad Junior Compound Bow Archery Set 

Barnett Outdoors Team Realtree Banshee Quad Junior Compound Bow Archery Set + Barnett Outdoors Junior Archery 28-Inch Arrows (3 Pack)

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Barnett is a name synonymous with the design of great crossbows, recurve bows, and other hunting equipment. They’ve been involved in the hunting industry for half a decade.

Their Realtree Banshee Quad Junior Compound Bow set is packaged together with three 28-inch arrows from their Junior Archery collection. A version without the extra arrows is also available separately

The handle has a soft grip to make it more comfortable. The camo green color is evident in the handle coloring. Otherwise, the colors are muted blacks throughout.

The package comes with two 28-inch arrows and three more with the extra pack. The design of the bow allows for left-handed and right-handed archers with the arrow rest positioned on either side of the belly.



  • Composite bow pack for pre-teen and young teens
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Colorful, soft-grip handle
  • 25-pound draw strength required
  • 24 to 26-inch draw length 


  • Probably only suitable for kids 12-14 years; younger kids usually won´t be strong enough to operate the string, and older children will need a larger bow 
  • The feathers on the arrows fall off too quickly 
  • Only single color option 

The product is best suited to older boys because of its 25-pound draw needed and a minimum draw length of 24-inches which rules out junior archers with shorter arms and less pull strength.

Barnett Vortex 45-Pounds Youth Archery Bow (Camo)

BARNETT Vortex 45-Pounds Youth Archery Bow (Camo)

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The Barnet Vortex is a compound bow that truly looks the part during use. The packaging also makes a solid impression.

The company takes its inspiration from its full-size bows and reduces its design to a manageable size for novice and younger archers who want to try supervised hunting for the first time.

The sight is adjustable which helps match the height of the eye to the sight.

The draw weight is one of the most flexible seen with a bow for kids. It starts at 16 pounds and rises to 45 lbs, being adjustable using modules. This feature alone will extend the useful life of the bow as the young archer gets older.

The draw length is 21-inches to 27-inches which is also manageable for junior and young archers.



  • Lightweight bow with adjustable draw weight from 16 to 45 pounds 
  • Draw length starting at 21-inches and rising to 27-inches 
  • Draw weight linked to draw length (may also been seen as a negative by some archers) 
  • Adjustable sight


  • Arrow rest isn´t the best 
  • Aluminum arrows sometimes bend when impacting the ground 

​A bow holder is included in the package, along with three aluminum arrows.

It is important to choose the right bow package for your young archer. This comes down to buying a product that matches requirements, rather than going on product appearance.

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