The Best Hunting Bow Quivers 2019

The bow quiver isn’t the piece of bow equipment that hunters think much about, but if your arrows aren’t held securely, then they’ll get lost in the woods before even getting to fire them. 

A quality quiver offers over-the-shoulder, on-the-hip or on-the-back carry functionality, carries plenty of arrows, and some protection to broadheads. 

If the quiver is too heavy, it can become a burden to carry, so it shouldn’t be too heavy either but it still needs to be durable. Whether a compound bow quiver, a hip or back quiver, and one for a crossbow, the same specifics are relevant here.

There are many types of bow quivers. It all depends whether you wish to clip or snap it onto your compound bow, wear it on the hip or on the back. The compound bow clip on quivers usually hold only five arrows, but they do so quite securely. With a hip quiver, it tends to be a basic affair that holds 10-20 arrows but with little protecting the arrows themselves. A back mounted quiver is useful for carrying around 20+ arrows at a time, but often bending forward will dislodge them.

You´re in a hurry? Here are our 5 Top 5 Bow Quivers (find out more on AMAZON)

1. OMP No Spill Tube Quiver

The OMP No Spill Tube Quiver tube quiver fits over the shoulder. It is interchangeable with no fuss to carry on either the left or right side of the hip. The model is available in a variety of colors/color accents, including black, blue, pink, red, and camo.

There is a belt clip to hook onto the belt for easy carry near the waist too. The quiver is accessible without needing to empty the full contents onto the ground to access it completely. It doesn’t matter how long the arrows are or the height of the shooter because it’s all still easily accessible.

  • Canvas bow quiver
  • Weighs less than 0.3 kilos
  • Clips onto waist left or right side
  • Access all the arrows without hassle
  • Choice of five colors 
  • Not suitable for broadheads because of canvas material

The carrying capacity depends on the arrow size. Normally, this quiver will hold over 12 arrows comfortably. The fabric itself is quite thin, so this product is unlikely to be a good one when using broadheads as they’ll likely cut through part of the material making this quiver less reliable from that point on.

2. LimbSaver Silent Quiver for Bow Hunting, One Piece

The LimbSaver Silent Quiver for Bow Hunting is a quality product available in one of six colors. The colors are black, carbon black, moon shine camo (aka muddy girl), vista, Mathews Lost camo, Mathews Lost camo AT, Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camo, Next G1 Vista, and Realtree Green camo.

The quiver is not heavy at 11 ounces. It has a mechanism to quickly clip on to a compound bow and the snap on facility works with different brands of bow too.

With hunters who prefer to remove the quiver before shooting, then a simple thumb release lets the quiver come away from the bow without making any noise.

A special NAVCOM rubber composite forms around the groups and housing to cut down on vibration and mitigate any noise to not scare off the prey.

  • Bow quiver to hold 5 arrows
  • Multiple camo colors available 
  • Thumb quick, silence relase
  • Fits different types of broadheads
  • NAVCOM hood design
  • Clips eaily onto bow
  • Only 11 ounces
  • Conflicts movement for owners of the Range Rover Truglow sight

The quiver itself holds up to five arrows from 0.245 to 0.360-inch diameter. The adjustable grippers are positioned in two places to provide a more secure locking into position to avoid losing an arrow while out walking in the forest.

3. Trophy Ridge Lite-1 5 Arrow Quiver (Camo)

The Trophy Ridge Lite-1 5 Arrow Quiver comes in either black or Realtree camo colors for the quiver cover.

The rest of the design is gray/black and made from a ballistic copolymer that’s tough. The use of this material is helpful beyond its attractive appearance because it doesn’t make noise when on the move unlike some quivers with aluminum frames.

The quiver holds up to five arrows. 

There are two gripping points to keep arrows securely in place which suits both mechanical and fixed broadheads equally. Both inside and exterior to the hood are several green LED lights to provide a visual indicator to other hunters.

  • Ballistic copolymer quiver
  • No sound unlike with aluminium quiver frames
  • SUpports 5 broadhead arrows
  • LEDs for safe night-time hunting
  • Braided rope for hanging the quiver up when not in use
  • Two molded holders to keep the arrows in place
  • Black or Realtree camo colors
  • Feels heavy for some hunters

The supplied bracket to mount the quiver is adjustable to fit it high or low on the bow as needed. A rope is attached to the quiver to hang up the quiver when not in use.

4. Mossy Oak Sidekick Hip Quiver

The Mossy Oak Sidekick Hip Quiver made by Mossy Oak Hunting Accessories is a belt-based fabric quiver that hangs down below waist level. It is made from a basic black fabric material, with a belt loop that hooks onto the belt. It’s ideal for jeans or other long pants.

The quiver holds upwards of 24 arrows in total. They tend to stick out at the ends, so one must be careful not to damage the feathers when using these types of arrows.

The idea about this product is that it lets the hunter gain quick access to their arrows without needing to empty out their quiver to do so. Fast access is the key here rather than robustness or especially high-quality.

  • Hip quiver made from black fabric material
  • Clips onto the waist band and hangs from the hip
  • Holds up to 24 arrows
  • Fast access to multiple arrows for rapid firing
  • Arrows stick out the top are easily damaged
  • Basic quiver that may not last too long

5. G4Free Archery Deluxe Canvas Back Arrow Quiver Hunting Target Arrow Quiver (Black)

The G4Free Archery Deluxe Canvas Back Arrow Quiver Hunting Target Arrow Quiver is a more substantial product than some of the others in the list. Certainly, this is true of the hip quivers and most of the other quivers under review.

The G4Free Archery Deluxe Canvas model only comes in black. The material is thick but not overly dense to add too much weight. The arrow section is thicker to ensure the arrows don’t penetrate the canvas.

The quiver is long enough to hold arrows of any length. The ends of each arrow will stick out the top of the bag. The quiver is worn on the back, so the arrowheads may reach the level of the back of the neck. The straps at the back make it easy to put the quiver on and walk around silently during the hunt. The straps are fully adjustable for height and comfort.

  • Quiver holding up to 24 arrows​​​​
  • Back of arrows easy to reach
  • Adjustable back strap system
  • Fabric material
  • Qiver measures 21.7 inches 
  • Nothing holding the arrows in place; could fall out when bending forward

The interior holds up to 24 arrows which is far more than the average quiver that clips onto a compound bow making this ideal as a backup arrow holder. The quiver measures 21.7-inches long by 5.5-inches wide. There is nothing inside securing the arrows within the quiver, so when bending forward, the arrows can fall out.