The Best Compound Bows in 2020

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If you are searching for a new compound bow, you likely have a number of questions that you are currently pondering. Which compound bow is the best? Which is the fastest? How do I get the most bow for the money? The list of questions goes on and on. 

In our opinion the best compound bow in 2020 is the Bear Archery Cruzer G2. Although this search for the best compound bows can be quite tedious, the following guide will assist you in answering these often difficult questions. This will allow you to make the most out of your purchase, and help you maximize your enjoyment in the field and on the range.

The Best Compound Bows in [currentyear] 1

So, which Compound Bow is going to be the best for you? Well, that depends heavily on your personal needs and where you´re at in your current state of bow shooting.

We have looked at nine different possible situations: Fastest, Youth, Women, Best Overall … and so on.

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And here are our top compound bow recommendations for 2020:

The Best Compound Bows

BEST OVERALL: Bear Archery Cruzer G2

Bear Archery is a name that is synonymous with recurve bow perfection. Founder, Fred Bear, is often cited as being one of the greatest bowhunters to have ever lived, and he took the production of the bows that carried his name every bit as serious.

The Bear Grizzly Recurve Bow combines both style and functionality to render a shooting experience like none other.

This bow comes as a proven design that has remained unchanged since its last revision in 1964 and has been used by thousands of hunters worldwide.

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Much of the Bear Grizzly Recurve Bow’s extensive popularity can be attributed to its quality construction.


  • Bow Length: 62”
  • Bow Weight: 2 pounds


  • Futurewood riser composition for durability
  • Weather-resistant
  • Shoots smoothly, accurately, and silently

This bow features Bear Archery’s Futurewood riser composition, which is known for its superior durability and weather resistance, as well as fiberglass over maple wood limbs, and a Dacron Flemish twist bowstring.

Best For the Money: Diamond Archery SB-1 Edge

If you are looking for the deal of the century, then the Diamond Archery SB-1 Edge is the bow for you. The SB-1, based off of Diamond’s, enormously popular Edge platform, offers outstanding performance at an exceptional value.

In fact, it is my opinion that this bow is on par with many of the offerings from Diamond’s parent company, Bowtech, at half of the cost.

To begin with, the range of adjustability that this bow features is outstanding. With a draw weight range of 5-70 pounds, as well as a draw length adjustment of 15”-30”, the SB-1 is truly a bow that fits any archer.

Combine this with the SB-1’s lightweight 3.6-pound frame, and you have a bow that can hold its own against many offerings in premium price point range.


  • Weight: 3.6 pounds
  • Speed: 318 FPS


  • Adjusts from 5-70 pounds, for any archer
  • EZ Adjust pocket system
  • Perfectly symmetrical cams

Also included with the purchase of a Diamond SB-1 Edge are a sight, arrow rest, stabilizer, quiver, peep sight, and D-loop. These items alone easily could save a consumer an additional $150 in accessory purchases.

Fastest Bow: PSE Bow Madness Unleashed

Just ten years ago compound bows were barely breaking the 300 FPS threshold. Now, several bows on the market have bested that number substantially. One such bow is the PSE Bow Madness Unleashed.

This bow features a blistering fast ATA speed of 340 FPS. Even more appealing is that this PSE bow looks and feels as good as it shoots.

Much of this speed is due to PSE’s revolutionary 3-track binary cam. It is also worth mentioning that this cam is capable of actuating in an incredibly smooth manner, despite its aggressive profile.

This is something that is seldom experienced out of a bow that features this level of performance.


  • Weight: 3.9 pounds
  • Speed: 340 FPS


  • Smooth draw cycle with 85% let-off
  • Built on stiffer and stronger riser for comfort and speed
  • Comes equipped with ready to shoot package

The PSE Bow Madness Unleashed also makes the perfect hunting bow, due in large part to its substantial let-off factor. When at full draw, an archer is only left to hold 15% of the bow’s peak draw weight.

This allows any bowhunter to wait out the perfect shot, without succumbing to muscle fatigue, or being forced to let their bow down.

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Best For Women: Diamond Carbon Knockout

The Diamond Carbon Knockout is a bow that is specifically engineered for the female archer, offering lightweight handling, notable performance, and a striking appearance in a single package.

This women’s bow comes in multiple draw weights, including 40, 50, and 60-pound models.

Perhaps the biggest advantage offered to the female archer by the Diamond Carbon Knockout is its ease of handling.

Weighing in at just 3.2 pounds, this bow is light enough to carry on spot and stalk hunts without becoming excessively fatigued, and a compact 30” axle-to-axle measurement offers ample maneuverability.


  • Weight: 3.2 pounds
  • Speed: 302 FPS


  • Lightweight with carbon riser design
  • Synchronized binary cam system
  • Compact 30’ axle-to-axle length

The Carbon Knockout also features an IBO speed of 302 FPS, which is suitable for most any type of hunting situation.

Additionally, the bow’s binary cam system makes tuning a breeze, keeping you on the range and in the woods, instead of in the shop sorting out poor shootability issues.

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Best For Youth: Diamond Prism

The Diamond Prism offers youth archers everything that they need to get off to an excellent start in the sport of archery.

This bow offers a range of adjustability that is second to none, and comes fully outfitted with all of the accessories that your young outdoorsman or woman needs to begin their journey.

The Prism features a draw weight range of 5-55 pounds, as well as a draw length that adjusts from 18”- 30”.

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This creates a unique set of circumstances where any child can essentially “grow-up” with the Prism, as it accompanies them along their archery career all the way into adulthood.


  • Weight: 3.2 pounds
  • Speed: 295 FPS


  • Adjustable from child to adult
  • Excellently balanced for comfort
  • Comes with ready to shoot package

This bow features a 3-pin Tundra sight, captive-style arrow rest, quiver, D-loop, and peep sight.

While these are package level accessories, they are indeed of decent quality, and an archer can always update these items at a later date as they see fit.

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Best Beginner: Diamond Infinite Edge

You will be hard-pressed to find a better beginners bow anywhere on the planet than the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro..

This bow is directly derived from the Edge model bow that spawned Diamond’s success in the mid-2000s.

This exact platform has remained the company’s flagship ever since. Most of this fanfare stems from the Edge’s one-size-fits-all form.

A high point of the Diamond Infinite Edge is the bow’s immense adjustability.

Draw weight settings range from 5-70 pounds, while the bow’s draw length can be adjusted from 13”-31”. These features allow archers of all ages, and experience levels to enjoy all that the Diamond Infinite Edge has to offer. 

Although this bow is somewhat of a no-frills model, it is still offered in a R.A.K. package that features the necessary accessories to get started in your archery endeavors.

The included sight, arrow rest, stabilizer, quiver, peep sight, and D-loop will allow your bow to be set up in no-time, getting you on the range much faster than you would have ever thought possible.


  • Weight: 3.2 pounds
  • Speed: 310 FPS


  • Easily adjustable for use by archers of all ages
  • Redesigned cam system for smooth draw cycle
  • Stabilizer for perfect balance
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Although this bow is somewhat of a no-frills model, it is still offered in a R.A.K. package that features the necessary accessories to get started in your archery endeavors.

The included sight, arrow rest, stabilizer, quiver, peep sight, and D-loop will allow your bow to be set up in no-time, getting you on the range much faster than you would have ever thought possible.

Best Compact: PSE Archery Evolve 28

PSE ARCHERY Evolve 28 Compound Bow Kit-Compact-Hunting - 70 lb. Draw Weight - Kuiu Verde
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PSE has never beena company to shy away from innovation, and this becomes quite evident when looking at their Evolve 28 compound bow.

This bow is extremely compact, featuring a 28” axle-to-axle measurement. This comes as a distinct advantage to those who regularly hunt in confined quarters, such as that of a ground blind.

Contrary to what many would expect, the Evolve 28 is also engineered to be forgiving and smooth shooting. This is made possible thanks to PSE’s revolutionary cam system.

These specialty cams also provide an outstanding 80-90% let-off factor, making the Evolve 28 insanely easy to hold at full draw, even for lengthy periods of time.


  • Weight: 4.1 pounds
  • Speed: 335 FPS


  • 28” axle-to-axle measurement
  • 80-90% let-off for easy hold at full draw
  • Compact and comfortable
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The Evolve 28 is also no slouch in the arena of performance, turning out an incredibly fast 335 FPS IBO speed.

This is quick enough to qualify the Evolve 28 as the second-fastest bow on this list, finishing right behind the PSE Bow Madness Unleashed.

Best Cheap: SAS Outrage Compound Bow

Southland Archery Supply SAS Outrage 70 Lbs 30'' Compound Bow - Black
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If you are looking to get started in compound archery, but have a restrictive budget to keep in mind, the SAS Outrage Compound Bow is worth a closer look.

This bow is noteworthy due to the fact that it is actually a technically sound bow, that is offered at an unbelievably low price. 

With an arrow speed of 270 FPS, the SAS Outrage is obviously not the fastest bow on the market, but it is certainly speedy enough to take any game that you might decide to hunt.

Additionally, this bow’s 55-70 draw weight range, and 25”-31” draw length adjustment means that it is versatile enough to be used by virtually any adult archer.


  • Weight: 4.4 pounds
  • Speed: 270 FPS


  • Compressed ABS limbs
  • Twin cam idlers
  • Affordable price
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The SAS Outrage is also somewhat striking in its looks. If you were to lay it out on a table, and ask a fellow archer enthusiast what they would guess the Outrage cost, they would not be able to tell that it was a budget bow by looks alone.

A series of stylish, yet functional riser cutouts provide this bow with a decent level of eye-appeal.

Best Left-Handed: Diamond Edge 320

Diamond Archery Diamond Edge 320, Black, 7-70#
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If you have been around the sport of archery for any length of time, you are undoubtedly familiar with the name Bowtech.

Bowtech is a giant in the compound bow industry that has been around for several decades. Upon purchasing Diamond Archery, the company set out to fulfill the needs of the masses with bows that catered to every archer.

Out of this mission came Diamond’s Edge 320 compound bow.

This bow can be purchased in both right and left-handed models and offers archers blazing-fast arrow speeds and an unparalleled range of adjustability, all at a more than reasonable price point.


  • Weight: 3.6 pounds
  • Speed: 320 FPS


  • Right or Left Handed models
  • Synchronized binary cam system
  • Comes with ready to shoot package
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The Diamond Edge 320 is offered as an outfitted R.A.K. package model, meaning that no excess expenditure on accessories is needed.

This bow also offers a draw weight range of 7-70 pounds, as well as a draw length that adjusts from 15”-31”.

However, the most striking feature of the Edge 320 is its speed. With an I.B.O. speed of 320 fps, a lack of performance is no issue.

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The Search For The Perfect Compound Bow

Searching for the perfect compound bow tends to be relative to the particular needs of an archer. Much like the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, one archer’s impression of what the ideal bow consists of might be completely different than the opinion of the next individual.

It is important to understand what it is you are looking for, and base your decision accordingly.

By taking into account the above-mentioned recommendations, you will be sure to find a bow that best suits your personal needs. This will allow you to rapidly grow in your archery pursuits and enjoy the experience at hand.

Looking For A Compound Bow Package?

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As always, please feel free to leave any comments that you might have. We always appreciate feedback from our readers.

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