MTM Case-Gard The Best Broadhead Storage Box

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Hunting season is over, and it´s time to store your Broadheads safely away. You want to make sure that those arrow tips are secured and ready to go when the time is right again.

Well, how about a Broadhead Box from MTM then? Made in the USA and capable of securely storing almost all sizes of broadheads, arrow tips, or crossbow bolts.

MTM Case-Gard Broadhead Box

MTM Case-Gard Broadhead Box, Clear
  • Made in the USA
  • High-Impact Plastic
  • Safe Storage
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Actually a box to store arrow heads is a simple device, but you want one that offers the most safety and the opportunity to fit different sized broadheads (small game, big game,…). The MTM Case-Gard Box provides such flexibility.

Pros & Cons


  • The foam insert is capable of holding most broadheads       
  • Broadheads can be stored in either up or down position 
  • Room for 16 Broadheads
  • Clear-View Lid – one quick glance and you know what’s inside!


  • Mechanical broadheads will fit but you need to cut the foam block approx. in half
  • Might need to store longer broadheads at an angle
MTM Case-Gard Broadhead Box, Clear

MTM Broadhead Box

MTM Molded Products Company is a family run business since 1968. They take pride in delivering innovative and quality products.


  • Mechanical Hinge
  • Made of High-Impact Plastic
  • Strong Snap Latch
  • Max. Broadhead Length 2.7″


  • 4.9″ X 5.3″ X 2.9″
MTM Case-Gard Broadhead Box, Clear

These Broadheads Will Fit Nicely

You could store them blades in the foam or out

  • G5 Montec 100
  • G5 Striker Magnum 125
  • Grim Reaper 100
  • Muzzy 100
  • NAP Bloodrunner 100
  • NAP Spitfire MAXX 100
  • Steel Force Phat Head 100

These Broadheads Need The Tip Pushed Into The Foam

  • Magnus Stinger 100
  • NAP Thunder Head 100
  • Trophy Ridge Sidewinder 100

If your broadhead is shorter than 2.75″ long – It should fit into the MTM Broadhead Box.

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Are There Any Drawbacks?

Not really. Some customers complained that mechanical broadheads won’t fit as tightly in the foam insert as fixed broadheads.

You would have to push them further down into the foam. The holes for holding the arrowheads are standard size foam holes.

The clearance between the foam insert and the top of the box is about 1 1/2 inches.


MTM Case-Gard Broadhead Box, Clear check price

For most users, the MTM Case-Gard Broadhead Box is a solid box that provides excellent value. It has a sturdy and practical design. The clear-view lid will allow you to identify at a glance what is inside.

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