Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

Compound Bow Draw Weight


The Diamond Archery Infinity Edge Pro is a newly designed compound bow. BowTech is offering this model in a special Bow package that includes a number of extra features that aren’t present in the standard model.

The Infinity Edge Pro is designed with a left-hand and right-hand version to suit people who have a preference. The bow is also available in three color camo skins:

Black Ops

Mossy Oak Country

Pink Blaze

Important Facts

Draw Length

With most compound bows, the draw length is only adjustable in a minimal way. For bows that are a suitable size for different hunters, the draw length reflects their body size and fits appropriately within it.

With this bow, the length is adjustable from a 13-inch minimum all the way up to 31 inches at the top end (AMO standard measurement used). The level of adjustability to the draw length is unprecedented.

Rotating Modules

Replacing cams is unnecessary to switch out the draw length. To adjust the draw length, the module screws are removed, then rotating the module adjusts the length, and then the module screws are re-tightened again.


At 3.2 pounds, the Infinite Edge Pro is light enough to be comfortable for a wide age range. Anything heavier might be problematic, but around the 3-pound mark is a suitable weight for a compound bow of this type.

Draw Weight

The draw weight is fully adjustable from just 5 pounds right up to 70 lbs. The level of adjustability makes this bow ideal for stronger and weaker, inexperienced archers who have yet to build up the strength in their arms.

Most compound bows offer some degree of adjustment with the draw weight, but this is an extreme level which offers flexibility for multiple users of a single compound bow. Shared family use is possible because of the extreme adjustments possible in both the draw length and draw weight.

Let Off

The let off here is around 80%. This means that with a full draw, the pounds of pressure needed to maintain the fully drawn position is reduced by 80 percent. The advantage for hunting and archery competition is avoiding a shaking arm while lining up a shot due to the continued weight being held. It also makes it far easier to directionally adjust the shot when hunting prey without burning out your arms in the process.

IBO Speed

The bow is rated at a maximum of 310 feet per second (IBO rating). The optimal speed is possible under perfect conditions with a maximum draw to release the most kinetic energy.

It’s fair to say that for smaller sized shooters, this men’s bow won’t shoot up to 310 FPS speeds. One must naturally adjust expectations down accordingly. However, for men who are over 6 feet tall, with a draw length of 30 inches who can handle a 70-pound draw weight, the full 310 FPS is at their fingertips.

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Smoother Draw

The improved cams provided with the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro are smoother leading to cleaner preparation and release. Different draw lengths and weights feel more comfortable when putting the cam system through its paces.

A better back wall is also delivered, which is felt during use. The included stabilizer also creates an environment where steadier shots on target are possible.

The combined package of improved cams, stronger back wall, and the included stabilizer all help to provide a comfortable, dependable hunting experience with shots reaching their targets more often.

What Is Included in the Bow Package?

Beyond what usually comes with the Infinite Edge Pro, the Bow Package includes a 3-pin TruGlo Tundra Apex sighting for day and night hunting, the Diamond wrist sling, an XL arrow rest from Hostage, the DeadLock (Lite) quiver package, a simple tubular sight, the nock loop from BCY, and the 5-inch Octane stabilizer which is light, adding little extra weight to the bow.

The package is ideal for people who do not already own these items or who would like a new set of them.

What is this Compound Bow Useful For?

The Infinite Edge Pro is ideal for hunting. Anyone who enjoys target shooting will find the adjustability of this bow ideal to figure out what settings are best for their size and style. If bow fishing is something that you either enjoy today or wish to try out in the future, then the lightness of this bow (3.2-pounds) won’t restrict usage there either.

Our Verdict

It is fair to say that the Diamond Infinite Edge changed the bow industry forever. No longer were hunters subject to minimal adjustments to draw weights and draw heights. With a couple of quick adjustments with some tools, the Infinite Edge could be tweaked to be made suitable for smaller, less powerful hunters and larger, stronger ones too.

The Infinite Edge Pro is the latest iteration of this approach from BowTech which is no less impressive. Light at less than 3.3 pounds, available for both left and right-handed shooters, and coming in a choice of three camo styles, no one is left out.

The parts used and accessories are second to none. The bow package provided here is also excellent with a solid range of additions to help deliver smoother, more accurate shots. We don’t have any complaints!