Best Compound Bows for Women

Bow hunting is a growing area for women who are participating in the sport often for the first time. The last five years has seen the fastest growth in women entering into hunting.

There are over 12 million people already in the Unites States who enjoy either bow hunting or archery with women already comprising a 30% segment with annual growth over 4%.

Eager for new markets and products to offer, bow hunting gear producers have indeed taken note of the faster growth area of the market. Previously, women were stuck with using youth bows because there was nothing suitable for their height, arm reach and strength. However, progressive brands now have their customized ranges for women that match the different requirements that they have for a bow.

Factors to Think About

Draw Length – Women tend not to be as tall as men, and so require a shorter draw length. The best compound bow for women offers a flexible draw length. To measure it, stretch your arms out on either side of you and then measure the full span. Once you have that number, divide it by 2 ½ to get a good idea about your draw length.

Draw Weights – The draw weight tends to be set lower down than with youth bows or men’s compound bows. It is a good idea for women new to using a compound bow, to begin with, a low draw weight and build up their capability gradually over time. It is possible to get up to a 40-pound draw weight with practice, which is the minimum necessary for hunting deer. Bears and other big animals typically require 50lbs to bring them down.

Cams & Strings – The less expensive compound bows have low-quality cams and strings that don’t work smoothly or last as long as one would hope. The recommended compounds in this guide are from better manufacturers that use better strings and cams for durability.

Bow Weight – The bow weight is lower with women’s compound bows due to their smaller size. The weight affects tiredness during shooting which has a detrimental effect on accuracy. It is wise for a woman to choose a bow that she feels she can hold up for periods of time rather than choosing the one that’s the most powerful or looks the most aesthetically pleasing.

Let-Off – The let-off is the amount of draw weight necessary with the arrow fully drawn. A 70-80% let off is a good number to look for to hold the bow without shaking before taking the shot.

Compounds for women are now powerful products offering precision and excellent craftsmanship. We run through the best products, exciting features, and help you choose the best bow for you.

Our Top  Recommendations for the Best Compound Bows for Women (check prices on AMAZON):

Bear Archery Scout Youth Archery Set is one that is usable by women and also teenagers too.

It is made from aluminum to make it more sturdy and is covered in Realtree Xtra for a green camo to blend into a wooded area.

The design allows for either left or right-handed hunters.

The quad limbs are designed for heavy loads, and there are two pairs of safety glasses for protection.

A handbook is also provided for new archers.

  • Aluminum sturdy compound bow
  • Draw weight up to 70lbs
  • Strong quad limbs
  • Left + right-handed grip design
  • Safety glasses
  • Not designed specifically for female compound bow users

The draw length is exceptionally flexible. It starts at just 12-inches and reaches 30-inches. The grip is useful to hold the compound bow steadier for greater accuracy. The draw weight is adjustable but reaches 70lbs to shoot a bow at over 300 FPS.

The Diamond Infinite Edge is a women’s compound with the Mossy Oak Pink Camo pattern.

The bow is light enough at only 3.1 pounds which make it easier to carry and shoot when ready.

There is a 75% let-off, so holding onto a full draw isn’t exhausting.

The draw length starts at 13-inches and reaches 30-inches which again makes it no problem for women with a shorter reach to take full advantage of this compound bow.​

The draw weight is entirely flexible from 5lbs right up to 70lbs which accommodates new lady archers and experienced ones alike. 

  • Powerful female compound bow
  • Weighs only 3.1 pounds
  • Draw weight from 5lbs to 70lbs
  • Draw length from 13-inches to 30-inches
  • Infinite Edge accessories provided
  • No stabilizer provided (available separately)

The accessories that come with the Infinite Edge include a 3-pin Apex sight, tube peep sight, the Octane DeadlLock Lite Quiver, BCY string loop, and Hostage XL arrow rest.

The Bowtech Carbon Knight Black Ops compound bow is stealthy-looking one with sleek carbon fiber materials in an almost all-black design. Red stones are accenting the darker surround, but it’s smooth and clean-looking.

With the use of carbon, this bow is the lightest in its class. It’s binary cam runs incredibly smoothly providing the tension to deliver a fast draw without any reservation. The draw length is 27-inches to 30.5-inches, with the default set at 29-inches upon delivery.

  • Carbon fiber compound bow
  • Lightest in its class
  • Draw length from 27-inches to 30.5-inches (29-inch default)
  • Draw weight from 60lbs to 70lbs
  • Limited draw weight range and requires a strong, experienced woman to use this bow

The draw weight is between 60lbs and 70lbs which make it ideal for stronger hunters who have already gotten used to firing at the higher draw weights with other bows for women.

The Winchester Women’s Destiny 50 is a compound bow with an interesting Realtree Hardwoods camo. It is primarily for left-handed shooters, but there is a hard to access right-handed version available too.

The specifications of this bow are different to other products. It is very specifically a bow for women. It has a 31.5-inch axle-to-axle length and a draw length from 17-inches to 29-inches. For 29-inch draw length, the FPS is 290.

The draw weight runs between 15lbs to 52lbs which is less than the 70 lbs often seen with men’s bows, but far more realistic for women’s use.

The model includes a machined riser made from 6061 aluminum, split limbs that weigh little, and a Power Tuff from Gordon.

  • 31.5 axle-to-axle and draw length from 17-inches to 29-inches
  • FPS up to 290
  • Draw weight from 15lbs to 52lbs
  • Lightweight limbs
  • Special package includes sight, quiver, sling, arrow rest, rubberized grip, wooden grip, and more
  • Draw weight won’t reach 70 lbs
  • Right-handed model difficult to find

The Ready to Go package includes a sight, quiver, sling, arrow rest, rubberized grip, wooden grip, and more.

The Diamond by Bowtech Infinite Edge is a capable compound bow with Mossy Oak Pink camo.

The camo is mixed with black color reserved for the limbs, cams, and strings.

It doesn’t come with a stabilizer, but one is easily added.

The draw weight is extremely flexible. It is set between 5lbs and 70lbs offering ease of use for new hunters and strong, experienced too.

The draw length is between 13-inches and 30-inches which provide greater flexibility for women for a longer or shorter reach.

  • Draw weight from 5lbs to 70lbs
  • Draw length from 13-inches to 30-inches
  • Extra package includes 3-pin Apex sight, BCY string loop, tube peep sight, Hostage XL arrow rest, and an Octane DeadLock Lite quiver
  • No stabilizer

The extra package with this bow includes a 3-pin Apex sight, BCY string loop, tube peep sight, Hostage XL arrow rest, and an Octane DeadLock Lite quiver.


Selecting an appropriate compound bow for a woman is all about finding one that’s both light enough and yet still sturdy enough to go hunting with it. The compound bows reviewed above provide the option to train and to handle greater draw weights as her ability grows.