Best Compound Bow Release

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It is, of course, possible to hold a bowstring and release it the old-fashioned way, but it’s difficult to perform a clean release, and there is a risk of catching the fingertips in the process.

True-Fire Hurricane HC-EX-B Extreme Compound Bow Release Aid Buckle

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A compound bow release is a useful tool for regular hunters who wish to pull greater levels of draw weight without their fingers taking the strain or their hand shaking from the tension.

A bow release is also an effective way to balance the pulling weight across the fingers, hand, and wrist rather than one or two fingers taking the strain which for people with delicate skin or those individuals who tend to bruise easily is also a good thing.

Here are the Top 5 Best Compound Bow Release (more on AMAZON)

Bow Release  Our Rating
Tru Fire Release-WriST-Patriot PT


Tru-Fire Hurricane Extreme 


Cobra Bravo All Adjust Release


Tru Fire Extreme Buckle 


Tru Ball Max Hunter Pro 4 Release


Using a quality compound bow release also reduces accidental misfires when releasing the string. The single holding point on the bowstring is released either mechanically (or non-mechanically) and more smoothly than one can do using just the fingers. As a result, quite often adding the use of a bow release to your bow hunting gear improves your target strike to miss ratio considerably.

Bow releases include Caliper ones that use a wrist release system, a handheld version, and other types. The longer the release mechanism, the shorter the draw length which slows down the arrow’s speed. Not all releases work with all string types. Depending on the bowstring, it may use a fastener, a nock, or a D-Loop system, so check that the bow release is supported with your bowstring.

The better bow releases are adjustable to suit different wrist sizes. Buckle and Velcro straps are the most common. The trigger is often customizable by the hunter to satisfy the sensitivity they prefer. It is important that a compound bow release is comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. 

A good product emits almost no sound during the release process and none during wear. It is also a good idea to purchase more than one in case it is damaged, breaks or is lost during a hunting trip.

1. Tru Fire Release-WriST-Patriot Pt

The Tru Fire Release-WriST-Patriot Pt is a wrist-worn padded compound bow release. The product is ambidextrous so it can be worn on either wrist. There is no two-way triggering mechanism here, so it’s simpler than other products.

The dual-caliper release has coated jaws for powerful grip and smooth releases. The trigger is readily accessible and travels smoothly with the jaws closing entirely after releasing the bowstring.

Pros and Cons

  • Non-rotating caliper
  • Padded black wrist holder
  • Teflon-coated trigger for durability
  • Heat-treated components
  • Suits left-handed and right-handed hunters
  • Beats V-straps for ease of use
  • No two-way trigger

The Tru-Fire product is treated for heat to add greater durability and uses Teflon coating on the trigger for improved durability in all-weather conditions. The nylon strap is padded for comfortable long-term wear and has subtle green arrow branding on the side. The amount of travel with the trigger is adjustable to suit the hunter.

2. Tru-Fire Hurricane Extreme Bow Release Wrist Strap Camo

The Tru-Fire Hurricane Extreme Bow Release Wrist Strap Camo is a fabric-based product made from Nylon. The product has a simple dual-caliper release with a prominent raised trigger mechanism.

The Nylon webbing is non-stretchable and fitted closely using a buckle system with 0.5-inch notches rather than using Velcro or other similar material. The camo patterned fabric is the only color option.

Pros and cons

  • Nylon-based padded belted strap with 0.5-inch notches
  • Two-way caliper release
  • Teflon-coated trigger for durability
  • 360-degree rotating head to support left-handed and right-handed shooters
  • Calipers are Heat-treated and Teflon-coated
  • May not be usable with a 70 lbs draw weight
  • It’s possible that a rotating head could make the product more easily breakable if not careful

The USA-made trigger is spring-loaded for easier trigger pulls. It has a roller system that aids jaw release. The jaws have been heat-treated and coated with Teflon for improved durability. The head can rotate 360-degrees to suit the direction of the bow and works well with both left-handed and right-handed hunters.

3. Cobra Bravo All Adjust Release

The Cobra Bravo All Adjust Release is a colorful compound bow release that’s available in Realtree Xtra camo, Muddy Girl, and Black colors. There are small youth and adult single size option.

The release mechanism has a simple trigger to open the calipers to unleash the bow. Unfortunately, there is no way to alter the sensitivity of the trigger. The release can hang down to free up the full use of your hand.

Pros and cons

  • Nylon-based wrist compound bow release
  • Uses Nylon with padded wrist hold, nylon strap and the plastic trigger release and calipers
  • Small youth and adult sizes
  • Color choices: Realtree Xtra, Muddy Girl, and Black
  • Fitting makes sound during adjustment
  • The trigger mechanism’s sensitivity cannot be adjusted unlike some other products

The product itself is fabric fitted to the wrist. It attaches to the type of Nylon strap one typically sees on luggage, with the plastic release at the other end. Making an adjustment to the fit when out on a hunt will make noticeable sounds, so it’s best to fit it properly before getting started.

4. Tru Fire Extreme Buckle with Foldback Release, Camouflage

The Tru Fire Extreme Buckle with Foldback Release is a heavy-duty aluminum product designed for avid hunters. It is available in a detailed camo fabric with a leather buckle system that improves upon V-shaped straps.

The dual-caliper release offers full 360-degree rotation that cuts down on torque transmitted to the string. With any rotation, the trigger tracks the index finger to make it easier to reach. The trigger has a release sensitivity that is adjustable from 4 ounces of pressure up to 26 ounces by moving a simple dial.

Pros and cons

  • Camo-patterned Nylon fabric wrist release
  • Heavy-duty and thick, but short length for faster speeds
  • 360-degree rotating
  • Trigger pressure adjustable from 4 ounces of pressure up to 26 ounces using a dial
  • Adjustable fitting
  • String dual-caliper system
  • The swiveling rotation is not to everyone’s liking

The length of the release is adjustable and then fixed in place to keep it consistent for the perfect fit. The release is designed to work for both left-handed and right-handed hunters. Its body is pretty compact to avoid losing much speed before release.

5. Tru Ball Max Hunter Pro 4 Release

The Tru Ball Max Hunter Pro 4 Release is a simpler, hand-held design than the other more elaborate wrist-worn ones featured in this list. It is offered in both black and camo patterns. The intention behind this compound bow release is to offer the higher draw length and power to the bow that could be reduced when using another product.

The head swivels 360 degrees to allow for multi-directional release while keeping the index finger in line with the trigger. The level of sensitivity on the trigger is adjustable using a screw.

Pros and cons

  • Compact release without padded wrist or strap
  • Dual calipers
  • 360-rotating head
  • Trigger with sensitivity adjustment
  • Supports 70 lb draw weight
  • Short body for faster bow speed
  • Easy to lose the bow release because it doesn’t strap around your wrist
  • Grips are not padded

The whole design is compact. It’s designed to eliminate noise, and by using a smaller head and smaller jaws, maintains the highest bow speed. The release is benchmarked to work well with a 70 lb draw weight for 200+ feet per second speed hunting.


In most cases, the compound bow release is one that has a strap around the wrist enabling the hunter to let the mechanism hang down by their side when not in use. A few releases are hand-held models that don’t attach in this way and offer faster bow speeds but are easier to lose. Which type of release design you’ll prefer depends on your preferences.

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