Best Compound Bow Packages

U.S. Fish and Wildlife statistics suggest that over 20% of deer hunters are using archery equipment instead of rifles or muzzleloaders. Archery has always been a part of hunting, but with more modern hunters taking up the sport, new archery technology is being rolled out every day. Traditional long bows gave way to shorter recurve bows. Now, compound bows dominate the archery hunting market. These bows allow hunters to achieve more power and greater accuracy.

Beginners to archery might feel overwhelmed when starting to shop for bows. There are many different bows available that come with different sights, silencers, and quivers. Below, I discuss five great options for any level bow hunter. These affordable packages come equipped with quality accessories, ready for use in the field.


Infinite Edge Bow Package

The Best Infinite Edge Bow Package[/easyazon_image]Diamond Archery’s Infinite Edge Bow package offers a great start in the bow hunting world. It achieves arrow speeds up to 310 feet per second (fps). The bow comes equipped with a three-pin TruGlo Apex sight, a peep sight (or tube sight), an Octane Deadlite Lock quiver, Matthews harmonic stabilizers, and a Hostage arrow rest. The entire package is covered in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity, a very popular camouflage pattern.

The bow’s draw length can be adjusted from thirteen to thirty inches. Draw length is the maximum distance the bow string may be pulled back towards the shooter. The seventeen-inch range offered by the Infinite Edge package makes the bow usable for archers of many different heights and builds. (The lower end of this range—thirteen to nineteen inches—is not practical.) Most bow hunters will find, after some practice and adjustment, their comfortable draw length is between twenty-one and twenty-nine inches.


The Infinite Edge bow’s draw weight can be adjusted from five to seventy pounds. Like the draw length, the lower end of this adjustable range is really impractical. The bow can be adjusted anywhere from thirty to seventy pounds. A common mistake among new bow hunters is to max the draw weight out immediately, assuming the increased draw weight will bring a corresponding increase in arrow speed. That is not entirely true. The most important part of adjusting draw weight is what is comfortable for the shooter. Most adult men find a draw weight between fifty and sixty-five pounds optimal; adult women, thirty-five to fifty.

The three-pin sight (a pretty standard component) allows the shooter accuracy at three different distances. Generally, hunters set one pin for ten yards, one for twenty, and one for thirty. Longer distance shooters may set the values higher. The TRUGLO BRITE-SITE allows the pins to be visible even in low light conditions. The peep tube stretches from the pins to the bow string, allowing the shooter to look down the peep to the pins.


Bear Bow Apprentice 3 RTH Right Hand Realtree APG Camo 15-50lbs #14229

Bear Archery offers the Apprentice 3 package, a great bow package that is geared towards younger archers. It’s suitable for kids as young as ten or twelve. The bow’s smaller frame size, lower draw weight and draw length, and smaller arrow release make it a great choice for introducing kids to archery. The bow is outfitted with a Trophy Ridge whisker biscuit, a Trophy Ridge three pin sight, stock four-arrow quiver, a tube sight attachment, and nocking loop.


The draw weight on the Apprentice 3 can be adjusted from fifteen to fifty pounds. Very young archers (say, under 10) find a comfortable draw weight as low as fifteen to twenty-five pounds. It is important to use a bow designed for draw weights this low; using a full size bow with a low draw weight would make the bow inaccurate. At the same time, the upper end of the draw weight range means these young bow hunters will be able to keep using this bow into their teenage years.

The draw length is pretty standard on this bow. It can be adjusted from fifteen to twenty-seven inches, which is a range that captures all but the stockiest archers. Beginners will find a comfortable draw length somewhere between fifteen and twenty inches. A quick rule of thumb to estimate draw length is to measure the archer’s arm span, then divide by 2.5.


PSE Ready To Shoot Surge Bow Package with Right Hand 70# Draw, Break-Up Infinity, 29-Inch

The next bow package’s name says it all: the PSE Ready-to-Shoot Surge. PSE is one of the oldest, best-known names in hunting archery. The Surge is another great all-around bow, usable by archers of most sizes and builds. It claims speeds up to 320 fps, which is about as fast as any bow on the market. This bow is done up in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity. A Gemini sight with peep tube, name brand Whisker Biscuit arrow rest, Shadow quiver, Flexxtech 2 stabilizer and included PSE neoprene sling round out the package.

This bow’s draw length is narrower and higher than the other packages, but it is advertised as being suitable for youth archers as well. The draw length can be adjusted from nineteen to thirty inches.


PSE has designed a really powerful bow with the Surge. The draw weight can be adjusted all the way up to seventy pounds, which is way beyond what most archers use on a regular basis. To keep the bow marketable to a wide range of bow hunters, the draw weight can be adjusted all the way down to twenty-four pounds, making it suitable for larger youth hunters.


Infinite Edge Blk Ops Rh 3070

The Infinite Edge Black Ops package is basically the same bow as the Infinite Edge package mentioned above, but painted all black. This is a very powerful bow that shoots straight right out of the box.


It can achieve speeds up to 320 fps. Again, that is close to the maximum that any bow can shoot, even bows that cost three or four times as much as the Infinite Edge. The package comes with a TruGlo Apex sight with peep tube, Matthews harmonic stabilizers, Octane Deadlite quiver, and Hostage arrow rest. Like the other Infinite Edge packages, the bow can be adjusted from thirty to seventy pounds draw weight, and a draw length from thirteen to thirty inches. Despite the high speeds, the bow is very light and the adjustable length and weight make it suitable for all bow hunters, young and old.


Diamond By Bowtech Core 40-70# 25″-30# Right Hand Compound Bow Package

The Diamond by Bowtech Core bow brings a lightweight, highly adjustable bow to the market at a surprisingly low price. The bow comes equipped with a TruGlo pin sight with peep tube, an Octane Hostage XL arrow rest, wrist sling, and an Octane Deadlite Lock quiver. One accessory that sets this package apart is the addition of a few string silencers. These are small discs of plastic or wood that clip onto the bow string and eliminate some of the “twang” noise associated with the release of a compound bow.


The Diamond Core is a narrowly adjustable bow geared for adult bow hunters. The draw weight can range from forty to seventy pounds. This range makes it most suitable for adult bow hunters. A youth hunter will probably have trouble pulling even a forty pound bow.

The draw length on this bow can only be adjusted from twenty-five to thirty inches. Again, this narrow range means the bow is marketed toward adult bow hunters.