The Best Bow Review

Don’t you wish you could shoot like that? Well, with the right bow and a little skill, it’s not an outlandish dream. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the best bow makes the archer. However, it does help a lot once you’ve put in a few hours of practice on the range!

You can get some good tips here and here to help with your archery skills.

Our recommendations (check prices on AMAZON) 

Best Youth Bow 

Barnett Vortex 45-Pounds Youth Archery Bow (Camo)

The Vortex is a lightweight compound bow but still offers the same quality and function as a full sized bow. A nice feature is the fact that this bow has adjustable draw weights between 16 and 45 pounds (weight changes without a bow press).

Believe it or not, not all youth bows are equipped with this feature yet. This feature is very critical consistency in feel and accuracy as it provides a much more fluid motion in the draw and release. Also the draw lenght ist adjustable between 21-to-27-inches.


A carry case for easy transport and storage is included. For a bow that price the sight is good and overall its a great bow. We highly recommend it as a beginners bow that grows with the shooter!

Best Womens Bow 

Diamond by Bowtech Infinite Edge RH 5-70# 13-30″

Do you like serious adjustability and performance with your bow? Then you’re about to fall in love! Why, you ask? Because you have the choice between 13 -30 inches of draw length and 5 – 70 pound of draw weight. That’s pretty darn impressive! No need for a fancy bow presses and special tools to adjust your bow; all you need is a regular old wrench to make this bow fit any shooter!

Don’t think that its adjustment capabilities are all bells and whistles though. If you max out the settings on this bow, it will shoot arrows at blazing fast speeds of 310 fps. This beautiful bow is arguably one of the best bows to tune and incredibly forgiving and a real easy shot.


On top of all this, its recoil free and astonishingly quiet. Of course you can add all your doo-dads and dinglehoppers to make your bow the best bow it can be, but we find it to be great all on its own. Plus, it’s not going to break the bank. It’s not getting better than this, ladies. However if you do want to go for all those fancy upgrades to make your bow AMAZING, then you should check out our​ guide for the best bow accessories It’ll have everything you need.

The combined functionality of all the different aspects of this bow is what makes me believe that it is the best available catering to women. Plus, pink camo! Who wouldn’t want to show that off?

Best Compound Bow 

13 Diamond Infinite Edge Bow Pkg Black OPS RH 13-30″ 5-70

This bow weights almost nothing, easy to draw, minimal let off, almost no vibration. The bow comes with a three pin frnt sight, side-mounted 5 arrow quiver, bristle arrow rest and a peep sight.

It has a smoother-than-butter draw cycle, solid back wall, and its uber quiet. If you used to shoot a brute, you will forget about it very quickly. The drive feels really good, balances great and shoots a heck of a lot faster.


Be warned, this is the best bow for the money you’ll spend anywhere! With very solid speeds of 320 fps, the need to even own a flagship bow becomes questionable, especially considering its only half the price of their competitors. No, PSE’s competitors surely aren’t happy about this bow, but we are!

Best Recurve Bow

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow 60lb

One of the best recurve bows. Period. In fact its so good, that it also got a spot on our best hunting bow reviews. Available from 25lb up to 60lb.

The limbs are Hard Maple with Black Fiberglass. Brass bushings are pre-installed for brass plunger, stabilizer and sight/quiver. It has a graceful and well crafted appearance.

I can takedown and setup with bare hands! As you can see, everything needed to get up and hunting within 10 minutes is included.


The amazing functionality of this bow, packaged up in such a perfect little parcel is almost too much pass up. If you have the funds, go for it.

Best Bow 2016

PSE Bow Madness RTS Package Right Hand 3G Bow 

WARNING: You must be 18 or older to purchase this product!

Available in your choice 50, 60 or 70-lb. draw weight; Max. arrow speed: 330 f.p.s.. If you’re used the thicker grips, this could get some getting used to.

The pre-stressed limbs achieve high performance by bending beyond parallel angles, thus greatly reducing vibration, shock and noise.


This is fantastic bow with a smooth draw cycle and a backwall you could drive a truck into.

One unfortunate con about this bow, however, is that the strings provided aren’t that great of quality. Many archers have reported that once replacing the strings, it becomes one of the best bows they’ve shot.