Best Arrow Wraps in 2020

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Gut Check Arrow Wraps 4 inch - Indicates Vital & Gut Shots. Use for Deer, Hog, Bear, Turkey. Highly Reflective 6-Pack
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Non-toxic
  • Extra Wide
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A number of savvy archers choose to build their own arrows, taking enjoyment in every particular point of craftsmanship. In doing so, these archers have full creative control over what their arrows will become. One particular component used during this process is arrow wraps, which provide a perfect surface for fletching attachment. 

This sends many on a search for the best arrow wrap to compliment the overall look and functionality of their arrows.

If you too are on a quest to seek out the best arrow wraps, be sure to check out what we think is the best arrow wrap: The GUTCHECK Bow Hunting Archery Arrow Wrap, as well as the other quality products on this list.

Product Quick Comparison

Gut Check Arrow Wraps 4 inch - Indicates Vital & Gut Shots. Use for Deer, Hog, Bear, Turkey. Highly Reflective 6-Pack

Gutcheck Bow Hunting Arrow Wrap

Quikfletch Twister W/Y/Y 6 pack

Quikfletch Twister W/Y/Y 6 pack

Bohning HD Arrow Wrap (Pack of 12), White Deer, 4'

Bohning HD Arrow Wrap

Bohning 4-Inch Carbon HD Arrow Wraps

Bohning 4-inch Carbon HD Arrow Wrap

Bohning Carbon Arrow Wraps, Yellow Tiger,7-inch

Bohning Carbon Arrow Wraps

Top Quality Arrow Wraps

Gutcheck Bow Hunting Archery Arrow Wrap – Best Overall

The GUTCHECK Bow hunting Archery Arrow Wrap has reimagined what an arrow wrap can be. These wraps not only produce a quality adhesion surface for your fletchings, but assist in locating downed game as well.

GUTCHECK wraps utilize a broad display strip that changes color based upon where your arrow impacts its target.


  • Universal compatibility allows use with any arrow
  • GUTCHECK technology assists in game recovery. 
  • Easily applies to arrow shaft

If a gutshot does occur, a chemical reaction takes place, allowing a hunter to know precisely how long he or she should wait before attempting recovery. In turn, this leads to higher recovery rates, no matter the type of game.

Quikfletch Twister – Most Versatile

The Quickfletch Twister is a unique product that completes two tasks simultaneously. Instead of simply providing a defect-free surface for fletchings to be mounted upon, the Quickfletch Twister incorporates the fletchings into its design and allows for one singular installation.

The true value of this product can be quickly seen when an arrow must be repaired in a pinch, with no time to spare.


  • Singular fletching/wrap design for quick arrow repair in a pinch
  • Heat shrink design allows rapid installation
  • Fits most any arrow

If an arrow’s fletchings become damaged, simply remove all of your arrow’s old fletchings, slide the Quickfletch Twister onto the shaft, and shrink it into place with the use of light heat.

Bohning HD Arrow Wrap – Best Graphics

It is only natural to take pride in the way that your archery equipment looks. Many archers color coordinate the accessories on their bow and tweak fine details to create a striking appearance.

This practice often bleeds over into the customization of arrows, and this is where the Bohning HD Arrow Wrap really shines.

These arrow wraps feature detailed whitetail buck graphics that would compliment any deer hunter’s arrows and creates a custom look that an archer can take pride in.


  • Stylish design complements any arrow or bow configuration
  • Fits any standard size carbon arrow
  • Provides smooth, even-textured surface for vane adhesion

Bohning HD Arrow Wraps weigh only 8.8 grains each and can be fixed to any standard size carbon arrow.

Bohning 4-Inch Carbon HD Arrow Wraps – Best Value

Bohning 4-Inch Carbon HD Arrow Wraps are the perfect way to enhance the appearance of your favorite arrows, while also making them easier to identify and locate in the moments following a shot at game.

These arrow wraps feature a striking, lime-green look that is accented with Bohning’s “Fuel The Obsession” motto.

The HD Arrow Wraps by Bohning are 4” in length, making them the perfect companion to Bohning’s Blazer vanes, that can be purchased in an identical color to match.


  • Striking design compliments any arrow
  • High visibility makes arrow retrieval a breeze
  • Comes in large quantities of 13-per pack

Additionally, these wraps come in a pack of thirteen, making them an exceptional value.

Bohning 4-Inch Carbon Wraps – Widest Color Variety

If you are in search of an arrow wrap from a reputable archery supply manufacturer, that facilitates seamless fletching placement upon every application, look no further than Bohning Carbon Arrow Wraps.

Measuring 7” in length, these wraps are well suited for use with nearly any type of fletching or vane and weigh only 10 grains.

Bohning Carbon Arrow Wraps come in 10 different colors, making it easy to match your arrows to any color scheme that is desired.


  • 7” length provides sufficient coverage for use with nearly any fletching or vane
  • Large selection of colors available to match any bow 
  • Comes in sizeable quantities

Additionally, Bohning Carbon Arrow Wraps come with 13 units per pack, giving you more than enough to outfit a dozen arrows with a single purchase.

What Makes A Quality Arrow Wrap?

When selecting an arrow wrap that is best suited to your needs, there are a number of factors that must be considered. Without giving these factors due consideration, dissatisfaction toward your purchase is likely.

So what should you be looking for when shopping for quality arrow wraps?

An Arrow Wrap That Ties It All Together

An arrow wrap’s job is to provide a suitable surface on which fletching and vanes can be secured. This requires a smooth even exterior, free of wrinkles and other irregularities.

In the absence of the ability to allow even fletching seating, an arrow wrap is of no use.

This is one reason why we love the Quickfletch Twister arrow wraps. These wraps leave poor fletching and vane adhesion in the past, with a single-piece construction that incorporates both the wrap and fletchings into one unit.

Simply slide it into place, and heat shrink it to fit.

A Wrap That Fits Every Scenario

With a large number of vanes and fletchings that are on the market today, it can be difficult at times to find the correct arrow wrap for your application.

This is why it is of value to locate a wrap that is well suited to most any arrow or fletching layout.

It is for this reason that we can’t get enough of the Bohning Carbon Arrow Wraps. These wraps are 7” inches in length, providing a large even base on which fletchings can be affixed. This simplifies the purchase of arrow wraps and ensures consumer satisfaction, no matter their fletching style of choice.

A Wrap With A Little Something Extra

Every archer likes to get a little more bang for their buck when purchasing supplies, and arrow wraps are no exception.

If we can achieve more for the same expenditure, why wouldn’t we?

This is where The GUTCHECK Bowhunting Archery Arrow Wrap shines above its competitors. The GUTCHECK Wrap not only provides a smooth seating surface for the placement of your fletchings, but it assists in determining an arrow’s impact point as well.

A display strip changes color upon arrowing game, telling you where you hit.

Which Arrow Wrap Is The Best?

When comparing all of the products on this list, I feel without a doubt that the GUTCHECK Bowhunting Archery Arrow Wrap is the best Arrow wrap on the market, with the Quickfletch Twister coming in as a not so distant runner up.

Gut Check Arrow Wraps 4 inch - Indicates Vital & Gut Shots. Use for Deer, Hog, Bear, Turkey. Highly Reflective 6-Pack
  • INNOVATIVE ARROW WRAPS to immediately indicate if you hit the right area. Wrap changes color to show vital and gut shots to know what part of the body you hit. Makes bowhunting much easier and more successful with fewer near misses.
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY to work perfectly on all arrows and bolts. A favorite for carbon arrows and compound bow arrows. Easy to apply. Simply wrap around the arrow, stick, and you're ready to fire. Easy to use in the field with excellent results. Will not affect arrow fletching. Preferred by experienced bowhunters.
  • SPECIAL FORMULATION to change colors when the arrow strikes the gut area. Acid in the digestive tract reacts with the indicator for an immediate and very noticeable color change you can see clearly at a distance.
  • SAFE AND NON-TOXIC with no affect on game or meat. This contains no harsh chemicals or hazardous impurities. Designed by bow hunters for bow hunters for maximum success and enjoyment. Wrap Does Not Affect Speed, Accuracy.
  • EXTRA WIDE 4" indicator band is easier to see than others. Highly reflective material that can be seen in low to zero light. This makes a fine birthday gift, holiday present, anniversary gift, or for Father's Day. Give a 6-pack to your favorite hunter!
Quikfletch Twister W/Y/Y 6 pack
  • Archery Arrow Fletches
  • Package Height Of The Item Is 5.75"
  • Package Length Of The Item Is 8.75"
  • Package Width Of The Item Is 5.75"

The GUTCHECK Arrow Wrap fits any arrow or crossbow bow, provides a defect-free surface on which to place fletchings or vanes, and has the additional benefit of indicating your shot placement on game.

When combined, these factors equate into an arrow wrap that is superior in nearly every way over today’s other market offerings.

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