Bear X Saga 405 Crossbow Reviews 2020

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There are quite a few excellent crossbows in today’s market. The Bear X Saga 405 surely is one of them. The experts at Bear are to be trusted 100% with what they put together. Top-of-line speed and performance.

If you are looking for a crossbow that is fast, top-notch quality, and accurate, the Bear X Sage 405 crossbow is one you definitely should consider.

Bear X Saga 405 Package

Bear X Saga

  • Crossbow Package
  • Up to 405 FPS
  • Top Performance
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Pros & Cons


  • Fast
  • Accurate and powerful
  • Well build
  • Up to 405 FPS are possible


  • High Draw Weight (you gotta be strong!)
  • No winch option at the moment available

A word of caution: Some buyers reported problems regarding the limbs. We contacted Bear Tech Departement, and they told us that people leave the crossbow cocked too long!

Bear X Saga BassPro

BEAR X Saga 405 Crossbow Package

First Impression

The Saga weights in at only 7.5 lbs. Which is not a lot in comparison to other high-performance crossbows. This crossbow is advertised by Bear Archery Inc. as “Aggressive” and “Lethal”. And yes, it sure looks just like that!

Overall weight of 7.5 lbs and 14″ wide cocked and 18″ wide uncocked

Bear X Saga

Design and Performance

Once you hold this beautiful beast in your hands, you’ll quickly notice the lightweight and its compactness that makes it quite different from other crossbows in this category.

The aggressive-looking design features a maximum of versatility that makes this crossbow pretty outstanding.

If you are going to spend more time in the woods, the Saga 405 offers not only ambidextrous safety but also an adjustable fore-end grip and rear adjustable stock.

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Accessories included

The package includes:

  • 4X32 multi-reticle scope
  • 4-bolt quiver
  • 3 carbon bolts (with field points)
  • sling
  • cocking rope
  • rail lube

Bear X Saga BassPro

BEAR X Saga 405 Crossbow Package

As mentioned above. This top-notch crossbow offers speeds of up to 405 FPS – which makes it one of the most powerful crossbows available. Not THE fastest, but definitely within the top 10.

If you want to customize, the adjustable fore end grip, and rear stock will let you do just that.


In this Bear X Saga 405 Crossbow review, we’ve looked at a number of features that let this package differentiate itself from the rest.

For us, it was: The surprisingly low weight, its accuracy, how consistent it shoots, and HOW FAST IT IS!

Bear 405 X Saga

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If you are looking to hunt with a crossbow and want a high-performance bow, then this one is definitely worth checking out.

The Bear Saga 405 Crossbow is an excellent product. But bear in mind that it has a draw weight of 210 lbs. Not for the small build or not as strong

At the moment the manufacturer does not make a crank for it!

We think the Bear Saga is also very reasonably priced when compared with similar crossbow packages from other brands.

Short History of Bear Archery

Bear Archery was founded by Fred Bear and Charles piper in Detroit Michigan in 1933 as the Bear Products Company. In 1938 the company expanded to offer hand-made bows.

Over the next three decades, Bear Archery changed hands and nowadays (since 2003) is owned by Escalades Sports and does business as Bear Archery Inc.

Feel free to leave any comments that you might have. We enjoy hearing from our readers.

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